About the Odic Energy Research Institute


Non-traditional research must be used to study odic energy. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization created to act as a resource center for further safe research and understanding of odic energy. Funding is limited, as is normal for research involving the paranormal, and derives from book sales and contributions.


Electronic instruments measure only energy which contains an electric (and thus, a magnetic) field. Odyle contains no such fields. Most of the evidence for the physical energy of odyle is from reports of experiences of people. The hard sciences of physics and chemistry do not accept testimony of people. Psychologists and neurophysiologists rely more on reports from people but no Academic would risk their grant funding and career to predict the existence of a new quantum state of energy such as odyle: they won’t investigate a new physical energy without the blessing of physics. Science is stuck.

Another problem for acceptance of odic reality by Academic Science is that the existence of the odic state of the electron clearly indicates an inconstancy of the form of the energy of the electric charge. Electric charge is one of very few sacred constants for modern physics. So this primary energy of the paranormal, consciousness, biology and the Universe goes unexamined and uncharacterized by Academia, even as millions of people report odic phenomena and 90-99% of the Universe is unseen.


There are four main avenues for the study of odyle which we would like to pursue, understanding that financial and time restraints are problems. Many of the odic details currently known are found in the odic science foundation book available from this web site. In our first major focus, we welcome reports of experiments pertaining to odic anti-gravity. Edward Leedskalnin apparently used odic anti-gravity to single-handedly move multi-ton stones to build his Coral Castle (www.coralcastle.com) in Homestead, Florida. Clues to the odic specifications might be found through a better understanding of cosmic odic radiation. We welcome reports of experiments which pertain to odic polarizing telescopes to view such cosmic odic radiation.

Second, we solicit reports which involve changes in paranormal perceptions, with the hope that the changes can be traced from the reported experiences to specific environmental, physical, medical or biochemical causes. For example, if a mother loses the ability to predict when her baby in another room is going to start crying, at the same time that she begins taking a specific medicine, that situation would be of great interest to us. Does a specific dose of painkiller after an accident reduce your apparent telepathic connection with your spouse? Do rainy days change some special connection you have with someone?

Third, we are interested in testing volunteers who may be odic-sensitive. We seek to more precisely characterize biological aspects of odyle with specific physical testing, with a realistic chance of quantifying individuals’ odic functioning. This testing will often involve dark adaptation for about one hour, followed by exposure to low levels of odic radiation or odic polarization. One test is to simply view energized terrelles after the volunteer is dark-adapted. Other experiments will attempt to measure the physical effects of volunteers’ biological odyle, such as with pendulums, in very low light conditions. This promises to be quite boring but at least we won’t pay you anything for your trouble!

Our fourth focus is biomedical. The vaguely-defined qi of ancient Chinese medicine, and acupuncture, may be based on physical odic energy. Healing touch appears to be odyle at work. Volunteers are encouraged to help illuminate this probable aspect of odyle.


If the odic approach is correct, as I strongly believe to be the case, then we are on the verge of major breakthroughs in physics, chemistry, cosmology, biology and medicine. The sooner the better but understand that funds are always limited in research involving the paranormal. Contact us for more info

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HIdden in Plain Sight Vol. 1

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Hidden in Plain sight Vol. 2

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the odic energy

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Odic states

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