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Odic Physics Introduction


Any legitimate characterization of consciousness – and the paranormal – must integrate with pertinent aspects of previously experimentally established and accepted science. The failure of every theory before odyle to achieve that integration with established experimental results indicates that the integration will be as subtle as the manifestations of the energy. Odic theory meshes with traditional quantum physics and physical chemistry via the form inconstancy of the electric charge, which fluctuates between the electric charge and the odic Reichenbach Constant of 2.25 eV equivalent. Because of this integration with old Science, in dramatic contrast to all other explanations, this new non-electric science of consciousness and the paranormal is extremely experiment-rich.

Edward Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle in Florida by single-handedly moving multi-ton blocks of stone. His writing describes an underlying physics which appears very closely related to odic physics. Other evidence is presented in the odic science foundation book, “The Odic Energy Physics of Consciousness and the Paranormal,” by Dean Baldwin, that gravity is a non-electric energy which is closely related to odyle. In my odic foundation book I expend a lot of effort explaining odic energy in terms of modern physics. Here I will approach odic physics and manifestations of odyle with a slightly different emphasis. Don’t be intimidated by either approach!

There are several phenomena which are characteristic of “normal electric-state,” non-odic-state electrons. After noting those normal electron electric-state characteristics below, I note similar phenomena which characterize odic-state energy. The conclusion is that all of these phenomena are based on energy centers on the electron. This leads to the further conclusion that, although energy is almost certainly conserved, the form of the electron energy center is inconstant This is shown graphically in Fig. 1. “Normal electric-state” is in quotation marks above because 90-99% of the matter and energy in the Universe is apparently non-electric, as is odyle, and cannot be seen with our current electric-based instruments. The odic state of energy, not the electric state, may well be the norm for most of the Universe.

The first electron characteristic is that magnetic flux flows from the intrinsic magnetic moment of the electron in the electric quantum state. Similarly, odic flux flow is based on the intrinsic odic moment of the electron in the odic quantum state. One significant difference between the moments is that the odic moment points in two opposite directions instead of just the one direction for the magnetic moment. The two flows of odic flux are anchored by the Reichenbach Constant of 2.25 eV-equivalent and odic flux is concentrated by all dense mass, not just by the high susceptibility metals for magnetic flux. These affects are all on the electron, not the nucleus.

Second, active spread of the magnetic state is initiated by bringing magnetic state matter near susceptible matter, such as a magnet brought near soft iron. Similarly, odic state matter tends to odic-polarize adjacent matter which is not in the odic state. The main difference is that odic energy affects all matter, not just soft iron or other magnetizable metals. This is odic mass polarization and is how consciousness spreads, and this is all on electrons, not the nucleus.

Third, the color spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, seen in the Solar energy spectrum, can be radiated by electrons in the electric quantum state. Karl von Reichenbach found that the Solar spectrum also contained significant odic radiation in both odic polarities which are centered on the Reichenbach Constant energy in the middle of the color spectrum. This indicates that there is an entire second radiated energy spectrum emitted from odic-state electrons comparable to the electromagnetic spectrum but sans electric and magnetic fields.

Fourth, biological energies and color radiation are on the order of a few electron-Volts or less, as is the Reichenbach Constant (RC) energy. Nuclear energies are on the order of millions of electron-Volts. Thus, odic energy characteristics and energy levels are similar to those of electric-state electrons, strongly indicating that odyle is an electron-based energy.

Fifth, the electric charge on the electron responds to an applied electric field to provide power for electric instruments. In the odic state, the lack of that electric charge results in the failure of the power supply battery, often seen in camera failures in crop circles.

The emerging picture is an electron with energy centers fluctuating between the electric charge and the odic Reichenbach Constant.

The RC energy is within the range of normal electron energies but it is just a little bit higher than the average electron energy in the Earth’s atmosphere. This has very interesting consequences. For example, if there is a source of odic energy nearby, such as an odic flux tube, some electric matter will acquire an elevated energy as a result of having recently flipped to the electric state from the slightly higher average energy of the odic quantum state. Any localized Earth atmospheric concentration of odic energy increases the average electric electron energy. From the perspective of purely electric measurements, which are the only measurements old Science is able to make, this is known as an energy population inversion.

A population inversion of electric-state matter in an Earth environment will tend to radiate EM energy with a higher average energy and the odic source of that extra electric-state energy is never seen by electric Science. Examples are noctilucent clouds and mist, more frequently seen in higher latitudes and higher in the atmosphere where we expect more odic flux. When one takes into account both EM and odic energy contributions to the total energy of inverted populations of matter, that EM energy is no longer anomalous or paranormal. Some day, when we fully understand EM/odic energy quantum state transitions, we should be able to calculate the amount of associated odic energy based only on EM instrument measurements, but that day may be surprisingly far in the future since few people currently have much interest in understanding odic energy.

Figure 2 (Figure 4 from the odic science foundation book) shows the a-polarity odic field around the Earth, the main source of atmospheric odyle of that polarity. The Earth magnetic field lines are most similar to lines of a-polarity odic flux. Not shown in the figure are the b-odic field lines in the opposite direction.

One component of our EM instruments, photographic film, records odyle in addition to EM energy. Odyle is a real, physical energy resulting from a specific quantum energy state so it is not surprising that film chemistry can capture both EM and odic radiation. It is important to pay attention to photographs of all anomalous phenomena because they can show valuable evidence of underlying odic energy processes and interactions. Odic free flux tube photographs such as the two a-odic flux tube photographs, Figures 17 and 19 in the odic science foundation book, and similar Internet “vortex” photographs contain just such evidence. Similarly for photographs of b-odyle flux orbs or spheres. Especially dramatic photographs of hundreds of orbs can be found in Dongo and Bradshaw, and more “normal” photographs with only a few orbs are in Howe.

A serious photographic complication is that camera components must be within fairly narrow limits of both odic-state and EM-state polarization to capture odic phenomena on film. Lenses will not transmit odic radiation unless they are properly odic polarized but many cameras in crop circles become so highly odic polarized that the batteries no longer provide electric power for proper operation. This component polarization problem is even more critical with regard to telescope observations of the cosmos. Multiple telescope lenses, widely separated, must be correctly polarized at the same time as the camera.

An intriguing and easier alternative to odic polarizing a telescope might be odic-polarizing binoculars for use in the first odic view of the cosmos, with an odic-sensitive viewer to describe the odic scenes. This would also be a means of viewing noctilucent clouds in high latitudes and altitudes, where the odic energy causing the EM energy population inversion may be visible.

The other important odic-sensitive component of our physical measuring systems is our minds. Sometimes. Some people are usually more sensitive than others to external odyle due to their heightened internal odic state. Most people can deliberately become more odic-sensitive through, at least, meditation and relaxation exercises.

This adds to the evidence that odyle is the physical energy of consciousness. The first-pass odic explanation of consciousness is of three main components: first, the fast electric neuron system which is central to escaping lions and tigers, second, the spread of odic mass polarization which is consciousness and third, the physical chemistry within the glial cell system which mediates between the two physical energy systems.

The existence of a real, describable physical energy as the energy of consciousness has very interesting consequences. Mental manifestations of odic effects should be identifiable and experimentally reproducible by external application of similar odic energy. The odic science foundation book argues that some specific symptoms of thought disorder schizophrenia are just such effects of odic dysfunction in semantic association networks in the left temporal cortex. In addition to the identifiable symptoms just mentioned, unusual mental effects are manifestations of odyle. Many important aspects of the paranormal are now explained as results of external odic energy interacting with internal odic systems.
The current closest approach to odic energy appears to be emerging aspects of energy medicine. Perhaps most prominently, James Oschman has written several very interesting books focused on the apparent electromagnetic aspects of energy medicine. In some instances it appears to the present author that Oschman’s comments apply to electromagnetic phenomena which are very close to the odic basis of the phenomena in question. Again, the Reichenbach Constant energy of 2.25 eV equivalent is the connection between the two energies of electromagnetism and odyle, with active biological control within components of the glial cell system.

There appears to be a very interesting similarity of the speed of qi, the energy of acupuncture, to the speed of odic mass polarization. Reichenbach indicates a spread of odic polarization of roughly 3 to 9 feet per second. A reference (Chasing the Dragon’s Tail, page 402) indicates an estimate from Motoyama of 4 cm/sec to 50 cm/sec for the speed of qi, with a range of 50 cm/sec to 100 m/sec for normal electrical nerve impulses. A qi speed of 50 cm/sec is about 2 feet/sec, not that much different from Reichenbach’s estimated odic polarization speed of about 3 feet/sec. There are enough uncertainties in the conditions of the measurements for these figures, and even in the actual meaning of qi, to allow for the possibility of the equivalence of qi and odyle. A number of other writers have hypothesized a separate energy for consciousness but their ideas have been so vague as to not be actionable or verifiable.

This returns us to the heart of the problem of ignorance of odic energy: the only reliable detectors are some people in a particular state of odic sensitivity. Even though there are compelling objective reasons to investigate odyle as the source of atmospheric energy population inversions and photographic anomalies, there are subjective factors which predict continued ignore-ance of subtle energy research. Although odyle is very much a physical energy with a foundation of a specific quantum state of electron energy, no electronic instrument has been built to measure and quantify that odic energy.

The hard sciences of physics and chemistry do not rely on testimony of people. Psychologists and neurophysiologists rely more on reports from people but no Academic would risk their grant funding and career to predict the existence of a new quantum state of energy. So this major energy of the paranormal, consciousness, healing and the Universe goes unexamined and uncharacterized by Academia even as millions of people report odic phenomena.

Academic Science has put alternative energy science in an impossible situation, glossed over with the absurd cliché “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Extraordinary evidence is required only because Academic Science can arbitrarily make the rules to exclude any phenomena they wish to exclude, in this case the paranormal bath water with the baby of consciousness. The message to subtle energy researches is “First prove your theory, then we may study it.” But if it was proven, it would not need to be studied. Catch 22. In addition, the kind of investigations envisioned on this web site cannot be done within Academic Science.

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