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Hidden in Plain Sight Series
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Odic Energy in the World Around Us

Volume 1: Ignis Fatuus and Mysterious Lights

If Odic Energy is...the energy of consciousness (it is) and medicinal energy (it is) and the paranormal (it is) Where can you see it in the world around us?

The reader will discover...

  • How unseen orb and vortex images appear on photographs.
  • What the wide variety of odic phenomena beyond orbs and vortex.
  • Where dozens of locations odyle has been seen and experienced.
  • When the history of how our myopic science has gone so wrong, so long without recognizing this universal, but subtle energy.
  • Where dozens of locations where odyle has been seen and experienced.
  • Why the complete explanation of odic physics and how it fits in with modern physics.

83% of the matter in the Universe is "dark"—it doesn't emit photons we can see, but it is gravitational. Dark matter is argued to be in the odic-state, emitting odic radiation that we cannot see.

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Odic Energy in the World Around Us
Volume 2: Ghostly Orbs and Odic Vortex

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The Odic Energy Series
odicenergy1The Odic Energy  - Physics of Consciousness & the Paranormal:
Auras, ESP, Telepathy & Anti-Gravity.

$29.95 U.S. (360 pages)

This includes detailed examination of decades of fascinating experiments around 1850 by Karl, Baron von Reichenbach of Austria. Contemporary physics and neurophysiology concepts are applied to his experiments to reveal that the revolutionary energy that Reichenbach was investigating was non-electric, non-magnetic and central to consciousness and biology. People are the primary odic detectors and somnambulists and catatonic schizophrenics were the first subjects. Further investigation revealed that virtually everyone responds to odyle under the right conditions because odyle is the basis for consciousness. Carefully explained in the book are the bifurcated spectrum of odic radiation, which mediates many paranormal perceptions, and odic flux and mass polarization. This wide-ranging, detailed, and sometimes difficult book concludes that gravity and odyle are very closely related, with the Florida Coral Castle built using this energy. Many unusual phenomena are explained as odic. This book provides a wealth of advice for both biological and purely physical experiments. This first book of the odic trilogy is a must-read for those intending to experiment with odyle.


Odic Energy in Acupuncture, Qi and Energy Medicine

$6.95 U.S. (30 pages)

Nature appears to have delegated different internal signals for different purposes, with transmission speed a key variable. This book emphasizes the variable speed and finds that normal axonal transmission covers the middle speed range. The fastest signal is electric, seen in acupuncture and investigated by Robert O. Becker and James Oschman, among others. Hormonal signals are at the slowest end of the speed spectrum. Odic signaling is both non-electric and slower than axonal transmission, an ideal combination for mediating consciousness, some energy medicine, and acupuncture polarity effects such as qi, yin/yang and octahedral theory. The feats of Qi Gong masters with both internal and external qi are described as effects of dual polarity odic flux in this second book of the odic trilogy.

odicenergy3Odic States of Consciousness and Healing:
Practical and Paranormal Implications

$9.95 U.S. (80 pages)

This third book of the odic trilogy is a must-read to understand how odic states of consciousness are related to other consciousness perspectives and to voluminous historical writing on healing, acupuncture, Chinese and oriental medicine, healing touch, dowsing, and the paranormal. Many thousands of articles and books can be connected to odic energy since this third book adds many consciousness and healing details to the eariler background.

This book presents a formal classification system for states of consciousness, including about 30 example states in the four broad domains based on the underlying non-electric odic energy. People are the main odyle detectors and paranormal odic phenomena are prominent in several consciousness states. This book includes specific directions to attain different odic states and explains the advantages of those states for different experimental investigations, paranormal and otherwise.

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HIdden in Plain Sight Vol. 1

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Hidden in Plain sight Vol. 2

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the odic energy

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Odic states

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