Odic States of Consciousness and Healing

Odic-States CVR-3D4x5-72Practical & Paranormal Implications
by Dean Baldwin
Odic Energy Research Institute

This third book of the odic trilogy is a must-read to understand how odic states of consciousness are related to other consciousness perspectives and to voluminous historical writing on healing, acupuncture, Chinese and oriental medicine, healing touch, dowsing, and the paranormal. Many thousands of articles and books can be connected to odic energy since this third book adds many consciousness and healing details to the eariler background.

Our electric instruments only measure the EEGs of the electric energy part of the brain, which is coupled to the odic oscillations. Biological organisms are currently the only odic detectors and odic perceptions have been considered paranormal. I explain how to reach different states of consciousness and why odic perceptions and functions are in fact quite normal in many of them.

The author combines a wide-ranging formal education in Physics, a degree in Psychology, and broad reading in the paranormal. This book

$9.95 (80 Pages)
ISBN: 978-0-9776512-2-1

series is the result of a life-long quest to find the meet-point of Physics and human consciousness.

Dean Baldwin has created the non-profit Odic Energy Research Institute and solicits reader cooperation to continue the odic research which Academic Science will not and cannot conduct.

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Odic states

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